[The Five Thieves]
[The Five Thieves]

[The Five Thieves]
  • [The Five Thieves]

    [The Five Thieves]



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    BENTEN MUSUME MEO NO SHIRANAMI /弁天娘女男白浪['The Hamamatsuya Textile Shop' and 'The Gathering along the Inase River Bank' from 'The Five Thieves']*With secondary audio in EnglishStreaming period: from Nov 1 (Tue), 2022, 12:00 PM to Oct 31 (Tue), 2023, 11:59PM (JST)Rental period: 7 days (available to watch for 7 days from your purchase date)STORY :A beautiful woman is suspected of shoplifting and is beaten. When it is proved that she was not stealing, her servant demands compensation. However, a samurai who happens to be present uncovers her ruse and reveals that the woman is actually a man. The former 'woman' and her accomplice are, in fact, Benten Kozō and Nangō Rikimaru, two members of the same infamous gang of thieves. Even the samurai who supposedly exposed their plot turns out to be none other than Nippon Daemon, the head of this gang. Finally, the gang is hunted down by officers and when they are surrounded, the five gang members remain defiant, delivering elaborate rhythmic speeches dressed in their finest kimono and accompanied by beautiful music.CAST :Benten Kozō Kikunosuke, a thief Onoe KikugorōNangō Rikimaru, a thief Nakamura KichiemonTadanobu Rihei, a thief Ichikawa SadanjiSōnosuke, son of the Hamamatsuya owner Onoe KikunosukeSeiji, the chief of a fire brigade Ichikawa DanzōKōbē, owner of the Hamamatsuya Nakamura TōzōAkaboshi Jūzaburō, a thief Nakamura BaigyokuNippon Daemon, chief of the gang of thieves Matsumoto HakuōMarch, 2010Kabukiza TheatreKABUKI ON DEMAND How to watchhttps://www.kabukiweb.net/about/kabuki-ondemand/#register

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