[The Priest Shunkan]
[The Priest Shunkan]

[The Priest Shunkan]
  • [The Priest Shunkan]

    [The Priest Shunkan]



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    Heike Nyogo no Shima SHUNKAN /平家女護島 俊寛[ 'The Priest Shunkan' from 'The Heike and the Island of Women' ]*With secondary audio in EnglishStreaming period: Until Oct 31(Tue), 2024, 11:59PM (JST)Rental period: 7 days (available to watch for 7 days from your purchase date)STORY :The priest Shunkan has been exiled to "Devil's Island" for plotting against the dictator Kiyomori. A pardon is given to his fellow conspirators and Shunkan. However, as he hears that his wife has died in Kyoto, Shunkan gives up his place on the boat to freedom so his companion's new wife can accompany her husband back to the capital. The boat leaves and Shunkan is left watching it disappear in the distance, knowing he will be left on the island forever.Enjoy this masterpiece of the 'jidaimono' history play category.CAST :The Priest Shunkan Matsumoto HakuōChidori, a woman diver Nakamura JakuemonTanba no Shōshō Naritsune Matsumoto KōshirōHei Hangan Yasuyori Nakamura KarokuSeno'o no Tarō Kaneyasu Bandō RakuzenTan Saemonnojō Motoyasu Nakamura BaigyokuJanuary, 2009Kabukiza TheatreKABUKI ON DEMAND How to watchhttps://www.kabukiweb.net/about/kabuki-ondemand/#how

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