[The Lovers' Suicide at Sonezaki]
[The Lovers' Suicide at Sonezaki]

[The Lovers' Suicide at Sonezaki]
  • [The Lovers' Suicide at Sonezaki]

    [The Lovers' Suicide at Sonezaki]



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    SONEZAKI SHINJŪ /曽根崎心中['The Lovers' Suicide at Sonezaki']*With secondary audio in EnglishStreaming period: Until Oct 31(Tue), 2024, 11:59PM (JST)Rental period: 7 days (available to watch for 7 days from your purchase date)STORY :Tokubē, a shop clerk, and Ohatsu, a courtesan, are betrothed to each other. One day, Kuheiji swindles the money Tokubē must return to his uncle out of him and humiliates him in public. On that night, Ohatsu hears Kuheiji harshly denounce Tokubē. Tokubē gives Ohatsu a signal of his determination to prove his innocence by death and the pair determines to be united in the next world.CAST :Ohatsu, a courtesan from the Tenmaya Sakata TōjūrōHiranoya Tokubē, a shop clerk Nakamura GanjirōNakamura JūjirōSōbē, the proprietor of Tenmaya Bandō TakesaburōGihei Nakamura KingoMohē, a shop clerk Nakamura KikakuAburaya Kuheiji Nakamura ShikanHiranoya Kyūemon, Tokubē's uncle and master Kataoka GatōApril, 2009Kabukiza TheatreKABUKI ON DEMAND How to watchhttps://www.kabukiweb.net/about/kabuki-ondemand/#how

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